• Are there age limits / restrictions?

    No, all ages are welcome to jump!    All jumpers must have a waiver on file and must wear the wristband given to them upon purchase of jump ticket.  Jump prices are the same for everyone, regardless of age.  It is completley at the parents discretion as to whether they allow their small children to jump - please note, however, that the trampoline beds are designed to have one jumper per bed. Therefore, small children must be able to jump on their own trampoline bed without assistance.  If a child is not able to jump completely on their own,  please do not purchase a ticket for them.  There will be no refunds on jump tickets!

  • What is the difference between the party rooms?

    The Galaxy Room is only available for Galaxy Glow parties. The Milky Way Room and Mission Control rooms are used for the Count Down party. The Space Station room is for Blast Off parties. Break the Sound Barrier parties are held in our banquet room which seats up to 48 people.

  • What are the different party types?

    Count Down – basic package of 1 Hour Jump Time & 1 Hour in the Party Room for birthday child and 10 guests for $299 (up to 5 additional guests may be added at $20 ea) Galaxy Glow – glow in the dark room, includes glow party favors for birthday child and 10 guests for $379 (up to 3 add'l guests may be added for $25 ea) Blast Off – like the Count Down but for birthday child and 18 guests for $499 (up to 5 add'l guests may be added for $20 ea) Break the Sound Barrier – for Birthday Child and 36 guests for $799 (up to 11 add'l guests for $20 ea)

  • What is included in the party price?

    One Hour of Jump Time, Grip Socks, Pizza and Water, all the Paper Goods, a Private Party Room for an hour, and a Party Host to set-up and clean-up the room and to be with your guests for the duration of the party

  • Do you require a deposit?

    We require a $100 deposit to reserve a Count Down or Galaxy Glow party. A deposit of $150 is required for a Blast Off and $200 for Break the Sound Barrier.

  • If I need to change or cancel my reservation, when do you need to know?

    Changes can be made up to a week prior to your date as long as there is availability. Any change in date or cancellation within 7 days of your party date will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

  • Is there additional room for parents to sit?

    Yes, we have 7-8 chairs in the room for parents. Remember there is a maximum occupancy in each room. We also have a lounge area by the party rooms.

  • Can we jump for 90 minutes and only use the party room for 30 mins?

    The party package is on a set schedule that includes one hour of jump time for the first hour and then the use of the party room for the second hour. If you want to add 30 minutes to the beginning of your party time, you can do so for an additional fee.

  • Do you supply the paper goods?

    Yes, we supply napkins, forks and paper plates for the pizza, and dessert plates for the cake.

  • Can I bring in decorations?

    You can bring in balloons, tablecloths and paper goods in the theme of your choice. We do not allow anything to be taped or tacked to the walls.

  • Can I bring in snacks, drinks or other food?

    According to health department rules, you may bring in cake, cupcakes or ice cream cake but no other outside food or drinks. We sell snacks, soda, fruit drinks, ice cream, ICEE and other items at our snack bar. You can purchase any of these items during the party and we will add them to your bill.

  • Do you have a freezer/refrigerator?

    We have a freezer and a small refrigerator.

  • Can we use the party room for the full two hours?

    No, the first hour of the party is open jump time, and then you go to the party room. The room will be available for only the second hour of your party.

  • Will someone help me with the party?

    Yes, we have a party host who will be with the group the entire time. He or She will set up the room, welcome the guests, make sure they have a waiver, give each guest a wristband and grip socks, watch the kids while they are jumping on the trampolines, serve the pizza and cake, and clean up the room afterwards.

  • If we don't need the party room for the full hour, what else can we do?

    You can add-on a Launch Money card for each child to use in the arcade, ride the bumper cars and/or jump from the Launch Tower.

  • Do I get a discount on any attractions by having a party?

    Yes, the Launch Tower is normally $3, but as a party add-on it costs only $2 per jump. Bumper Cars are normally $5, but as a party add-on it costs only $4 ea.

  • Can I add-on a Launch Money card at the time of the party?

    Yes. Launch Money cards can be added at any time.

  • When do you need to know how many guests are coming?

    We normally call a few days before the party date to confirm the number of guests.

  • When do I need to let you know if I want to order additional pizzas?

    The day before the party.

  • If parents want to jump, do I have to pay the add'l fee of $20/person?

    Each party package comes with a certain number of jump tickets. If there are any unused wristbands, parents may use those. If all wristbands are used, we will charge you only for the 1 hour jump time and socks ($14).

  • What time should I arrive?

    Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of the party and ask your guests to arrive early as well.

  • If we arrive late for our party, can you extend our jump time?

    No, when you book a party, your jump tickets are reserved for the first hour of your party only. At the end of that hour, your jump time is over.

  • Do you provide invitations?

    We will email you a confirmation after you book the party. In that email, there will be a link to an evite. We recommend that you use the evite if you have all the email addresses, and include a link to our website so that the guest can easily complete the waiver online.

  • Does everyone need a waiver?

    Every jumper must have a waiver. If the jumper is under 18, a Parent must complete the waiver for him/her. Paper waivers are acceptable but good for only one day. Waivers completed online are in our system for 1 year.

  • If I don't book a party but bring the children to jump, can I bring in cake and celebrate the party in the snack bar area?

    No. You can only bring in a cake if you book a party.

  • Do parents of the party guests have to stay on site?

    If the children are very young, most parents do stay. However, we do not require that parents of the guests stay.

  • May I jump with my child?

    You cannot jump on the same trampoline bed as your child but you can jump on the trampoline bed next to him/her. You may also stand on the green pad if necessary.

  • Do small children get to jump for free?

    No, every person must pay to jump. Every person must have a wristband and grip socks.

  • If my child will not wear the wristband, what should I do?

    You can usually put it on the child's ankle if it bothers his/her wrist

  • Can I reserve a dodge ball court?

    Your jump ticket allows you access to all trampolines, including the dodge ball courts. Therefore, we do not reserve the courts for anyone.

  • If I have purchased a jump ticket online and cannot make it for the time that I have selected, can I get a refund or will you honor my ticket for another time?

    If there is space available we will process your ticket upon arrival. However, we do not give refunds.

  • If my child will not jump off the Launch Tower, can I get a refund?

    No refunds are given once a ticket has been purchased.

  • My child has a broken arm and is wearing a cast on it. Is he allowed to jump?

    If the doctor says it's ok, it's fine with us as long as he allows room for himself so he doesn't hit another jumper with the cast.

  • If I bring a friend to jump with my child, can I complete a waiver for him?

    No, only the child's parent or legal guardian may complete a waiver for him.

  • Can I wear regular socks or do I need to wear the grip socks?

    We require special trampoline socks with grips which we provide for sanitary and safety reasons. All jumpers must wear the grip socks.

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